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When does the interest get paid to me?

Interest is paid on the 15th of each month. You may choose to have the interest paid to your bank account, re-invested into new loans or simply left in your easyMoney account until such time as you decide what you wish to do with the proceeds.


Once I have invested, when do I start earning interest?

Your money enters a queue, with other P2P lenders, awaiting a match with P2P borrowers. We aim to invest your portfolio within 30 days, but this is not guaranteed. You will start earning interest as soon as each loan commences.

You can check the status of the loans and your cash position on your ‘My Portfolio’ page.


What levels of return can I expect?

The target return is the interest rate targetting to achieve on loans in a portfolio. There will typically be periods during which your money will be held in cash before we are able to fully allocate it to loans (known as "cash drag"). 

This can happen both when you invest initially and once a loan is repaid and we need to re-invest the proceeds. The actual rate of return will also be adversely affected if there are any defaults or if you have to pay tax on the interest you receive.

Any changes to the current target rates will be advertised on our website.


How do I become an Investor?

To become an easyMoney investor you will be required to sign up to our platform services via the 'registration' page. Click on the ‘Get started’ option in the main menu of our website.

As part of our due diligence process, you will be asked to provide us with some personal details and may need to provide forms of identification such as a valid driving license or passport.


I don’t have online banking, what are my options?

You can send a payment to us directly by telegraphic transfer, standing order or from your high street bank. Just quote our account details provided when you specify the amount you wish to invest and we will notify you when we have received the cleared funds and they are ready for investment.


Is my investment secured by a charge on the property?

Yes. Every loan on the easyMoney platform is secured with a legal charge on the property.


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