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  • Also available as a TAX FREE Innovative Finance ISA.
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As with all investing, your capital is at risk when you lend to businesses. easyMoney reduces this risk by taking security over property.

easy is one of Europe's most trusted brands with up to 99% market recognition

Sir Stelios, founder of easyJet and owner of the easy brand is famous for cutting out the middleman and delivering a better deal to consumers.

When Sir Stelios founded easyJet 23 years ago at the age of 28, he made European air travel accessible to everybody. Using technology to cut out the middlemen easyJet was able to slash prices to the traveller. For easyJet the middlemen were travel agents.

easyMoney is following the same model for financial products except the middlemen are now the banks, with their costly and outdated computer systems, expensive high street premises and legacy staffing.

Like easyJet, easyMoney maximises the use of technology to make every aspect of our business more efficient. Our intention is to deliver more innovative products than the big boys and to combine this with a deeply embedded culture that has customer experience and service at its heart.

Whereas a large part of a bank’s margin is eaten up by overheads, easyMoney’s efficient structure allows much of the margin to be passed directly to customers in the form of improved returns.

easyMoney is planning a range of differentiated products to make it unique versus the big boys. easyMoney’s product range will satisfy the demands of all types of investor from the older, more conservative investor to younger investors demanding new financial products more relevant to the world they inhabit.

All investors receive easyMoney plus membership FREE

Benefit from instant savings up to 55% at over 100 of Britain’s biggest retailers.

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easyMoney's first two products take advantage of the government's new innovative finance ISA (IFISA) which allows investors to invest up to £20,000 annually and get their returns TAX FREE.

Cut out the banks. Lend directly to property professionals, secured by UK property and receive great rates of return on your capital.
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7.28% *p.a.

Annualised target return

  • Min £10,000 investment
  • Secured by UK property
  • Maximum 75% loan to value
  • Buffer of 25% should the value of a property fall


4.05% *p.a.

Annualised target return

  • Min £1,000 investment
  • Secured by UK property
  • Maximum 65% loan to value
  • Significant buffer of 35% should the value of a property fall
  • We build a portfolio of loans for you
  • Borrowers are generally property professionals needing fast and flexible loans between 3-24 months
  • All loans are vetted by our experienced lending team
  • All properties are valued by a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuer
  • Option to request early access to your money
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* This is an investment product and the returns shown are target returns before tax that a diversified investor could earn with each lending option assuming full investment. These returns are not guaranteed and your actual returns may vary. As with all investing your capital is at risk when you lend to businesses and you may get back less than you put in. easyMoney reduces this risk by taking security over property. Please read our risk assessment

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