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What information do I need to open an ISA?

To open an IFISA, you will be required to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Full residential UK address
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance Number (NINO)

In accordance with our verification checks, you may also be required to provide additional forms of identification.

For further information regarding any of these points please refer to our ISA guide, other FAQs or contact us via the details on the ‘contact us’ page.


Do I need to complete an ISA application form each tax year?

If you continue to utilise your ISA allowance with us in future tax years then you will be required to complete a fresh digital form each tax year. This will be a simple process whereby you agree to the Terms and Conditions and confirm your personal details via a digital signature.

Due to the fact that the Terms and Conditions generally change every tax year, most ISA Managers will require you to sign the new Terms and Conditions each year; regardless of whether they provide a continuous application.


What is the minimum and maximum subscription limit of the easyMoney ISA?

Currently the minimum initial investment amount for an easyMoney ISA is £100 for the Classic ISA, and £10,000 for the Premium ISA. This may be subject to change in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

The maximum permitted subscription for the 2021/22 tax year is £20,000, which is subject to changes in regulation each tax year.


What is an ISA subscription?

Each time you invest new money into your ISA, this is classed as an ISA subscription. There is a subscription limit of £20,000 for the 2019/20 tax year. A transfer of existing ISAs is classed as an ISA transfer.


What is an Innovative Finance ISA?

An Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) allows you to earn tax-free interest in Peer-to-Peer lending.  Our IFISA will permit you to invest your money as a lender in property investment.

Your investment is spread across several borrowers to diversify your holdings. The income earned as a result of each payment made by the borrower will generate interest of the advertised rate, which is then credited to your ISA, where you can choose to re-invest this into new loans or receive the income as a payment to your bank account.


What is an ISA?

An ISA is an Individual Savings Account. It is essentially a wrapper around your investments to allow you to enjoy income earned from up to £20,000 investment tax-free.

There are 4 types of ISA; Cash, Stocks and Shares, Lifetime and Innovative Finance ISA. You can diversify across the components by an amount of your choosing, or you can choose to invest all your entitlement into one product. We cannot advise on individual circumstances, although we can assist you in providing information.


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