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How do I complain?

In the event that you wish to register a complaint regarding our services or products, please contact us at . Please see our complaints handling procedure, or the ‘Feedback and Complaints’ page for further details. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction you will also be entitled to refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Details can be found at


Can I delete my account?

Yes. We are obliged to conform with requests to delete accounts from investors, under the conditions that the account has a zero balance and has not been active for 5 years. We are legally bound to maintain your details only for as long as is necessary. Due to HMRC reporting requirements and regulations we are required to anonymise or remove your data when specifically asked to if we no longer need it.


Who do you share my data with?

We do not sell your personal details to any third party provider, data is only made available to those within easyMoney, who are bound by privacy and Data Protection regulations.

In the event that we do provide your details to third-party providers it will only be in the course of day to day business relevant to the maintenance of our platform.

We are obliged by ISA regulations to report ISA statistics to HMRC on a yearly basis via the HMRC secure online portal.

Your data will remain secure at all times. For further information please refer to our Privacy policy on the website


Are my investments covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?

No, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) does not apply. Capital you invest in P2P loans is at risk if for example the borrower defaults or the property they provided as security were to fall in value.


Why are there Lender Terms and Conditions and IFISA Terms and Conditions?

In the first instance the Lender Terms and Conditions are the standard Terms that each investor is bound by. If you should choose to open a Regular Account and not an ISA you will be bound by these Terms. If you open an IFISA you will automatically be provided with a Regular Account and be bound by these Terms.

The IFISA Terms and Conditions are to be used as a supplement to the Lender Terms and Conditions for Terms that are not unique to the ISA and not the Regular Account.

In the interests of transparency we have decided to separate them, rather than provide Terms and Conditions that cause confusion.


Where are your Terms and Conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions are accessible from any page of our website in the footer.

Also please find the links below to the terms and conditions for our IFISA and Lenders


Lender T&C's

Alternatively you can contact us on the link below to our contac us page

You can also call us on the number below

0203 858 7269

We hope this answered your question.


Call our team anytime

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