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What are 'cashback' benefits?+

The cashback offers entitle you to earn a monetary amount on every qualifying purchase which is returned to your virtual wallet within the Lifeworks app.

How does plus membership work?+

Once you have invested a minimum of £1,000 you will receive an e-mail from Lifeworks inviting you to the easyMoney benefits program. To claim your benefits, simply download the Lifeworks smartphone application (for Android and Apple’s iOS) and use the invite code in your e-mail to sign up.

Alternatively you can follow the link on the e-mail to use the Lifeworks website to sign up and start using your benefits. 

Who are Lifeworks?+

Lifeworks are one of the UK’s leading benefits providers. We have collaborated with them to provide this service, and you are bound by the Lifeworks Terms and Conditions, which are available to download from their website and also referred to in the Lender Terms and Conditions under ‘Promotional Activity’.

What types of benefits are there?+

  • In-Store discounts
  • Gift Cards
  • Cinema discounts
  • Cashback
  • Exclusive Offers

The full details of how to redeem these offers can be found via the LifeWorks website or App.

What are the 'in-store' benefits?+

On the Lifeworks website and the App there is a section titled In-Store, in this section you will find a list of brands and details of discounts/offers available and how to redeem them. 

What are 'gift-card' benefits?+

You can purchase gift cards on the LifeWorks website and the App. The giftcards enable you to save on regular purchases at your favourite stores.

Each gift card has its own set limitations, which can be found on the website and the App if you select the relevant digital card.  There may be further limitations in the terms and conditions for that card, which can be found here too.

There may also be a limit to how many gift cards you can purchase in one transaction. and how many you can use per purchase.

Which brand names are included?+

By investing £1,000 or more you will automatically be eligable for our easymoney plus card. 

With the easyMoney plus card you can receive instantexclusive P2P lending benefits. You can be saving hundreds of pounds with up to 55% discount at over one 1,000 of Britain's largest retailers.

For a full list of the brands and retailers these perks apply to, please check the LifeWorks website or app.

To read more about the benefits of the easymoney plus card, please visit our benefits page

Is there a limit to how many times I can use this service?+

Each individual brand benefit is bound by separate qualifying factors. These are clearly explained on the LifeWorks website or App.

What are the terms of use?+

For the full Terms and Conditions please visit the LifeWorks website or App.

Please also consult our Lender Terms and Conditions for further information regarding the usage of your benefits.

Important information will also be included on the reverse of your card.

How long do I need to wait for a gift card to be delivered?+

Your gift cards are sent instantly to your email address, there is no physical card delivered to you as it is all digital. If you have not received your gift card please contact

What do I need to do to get the in-store discount?+

To take advantage of the In-Store discount please check the information listed on the Lifeworks App or website, usually there is a code that you will need to show or quote at the till. 

Can I use the 'In-Store' or online discounts on items already on offer or in a sale?+

Please check the terms and conditions for individual vendors as they vary. If you are in doubt please contact the merchant directly.