Can I transfer an existing ISA to easyMoney?

Can I transfer an existing ISA to easyMoney? Yes, you can transfer existing ISAs to us. You can transfer either the full amount or part of any IFISA, Cash ISA or Stocks and Shares ISA. Where it is a current year ISA, you will need to transfer the full amount. For previous year ISAs you can transfer as much as you like, in line with your current providers rules.

We just need you to fill in one of our ISA transfer forms to confirm your existing ISA details. We will then contact your existing ISA provider(s) and arrange the transfer.

To download a transfer in form, log into your account, click My Account, which is located in the top right-hand corner if you’re on a desktop, if you’re on a mobile device you will find my account by clicking the dropdown menu on the top right of your device (it is 3 horizontal lines).

From the menu select Transfer an ISA, then select the form for the ISA type you are transferring. You can then download it, fill it in and upload back to the same place.

The process is explained in a short guide that is downloadable in the same place as the ISA transfer in forms. There is no limit to how many ISAs you can transfer in. If you hold multiple ISAs we can accept the transfer of all, or some of them.

How long does an ISA transfer take to complete?

You can typically expect an ISA transfer to complete in the following timelines:

  • Stocks and Shares ISA – 30 days

  • Cash ISA - 15 working days

  • Innovative Finance ISA- We would expect this to be 2 Weeks (once investments are sold), however it is best to check with your current provider

Transfer an ISA to easyMoney in these 3 simple steps:

Step 1- If you haven’t done so already, sign up for an easyMoney Innovative Finance ISA account here.

Step 2 - Click on “Transfer an ISA” within My Account and download the Transfer ISA form for the type of ISA you wish to transfer from. This can be a Cash ISA, Stocks & Shares ISA or an existing Innovative Finance ISA.

Step 3- Fill the form in and upload it to us on the “Transfer an ISA” page of “My Account”.

We'll do the rest!

easyMoney is not a cash savings account. You may not get back the full amount you put in. Your capital is at risk if you invest. Peer-to-peer investments are eligible for an Innovative Finance ISA which is not a Cash ISA. They are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Money invested through easyMoney is concentrated in property and could be affected by market conditions. For the same reason, instant access cannot be guaranteed. We do not offer investment or tax advice.

easyMoney is the trading name of E-money Capital Ltd, a company incorporated in England & Wales. Registered office is 5 Fleet Place, London, England, EC4M 7RD (Company No. 04861007). E-money Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) #231680.

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