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Can I sell my investment before the loan is repaid?

Once the loan is invested, the borrowers will not be required to pay back the money before the end of the agreed term. If you wish to access your cash earlier, we will offer to sell your P2P loan to other lenders. You can ask us to do this at any time.

There is no guarantee that we will be able to find a new lender to buy your loan within a given time period, however, we would expect this to be completed within a reasonable time period.

In the event that there is insufficient demand, you may be required to wait until the loan is fully repaid.

If your portfolio contains any non-performing loans, or loans due to be redeemed within 1 month, we will not sell these until they have been fully redeemed, in order to protect other lenders from the increased risks of investing in these types of loans.

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