Our borrowers are property professionals needing fast flexible loans generally between three and 24 months. Your investments are usually committed anything from three months and 364 days.

You can request to withdraw your funds at any time. 

Instant access cannot be guaranteed as you either have to sell your loan parts to new investors by placing your loan up for sale on your dashboard or wait until the borrower repays. 

Under normal circumstances, this usually takes between one and three working days but could be longer depending on market conditions.

There are three instances where you will not be able to sell the loans you are invested in:

  1. If you are invested in a loan that has less than one month until it is due to be repaid

  2. Where there has been a material, negative change in the risk profile of the loan

  3. The loan has become performing

In all of these instances you will need to wait for the loans to be repaid in full before you can withdraw your funds. 

Good to know

Unlike some Peer-to-Peer firms we don’t charge extra fees to you for withdrawing your money (although we charge administrative fees if you need us to transfer your IFISA to another provider).

In the event of a borrower Default which can’t be rectified we will try to sell the property to ensure we return as much of your money as possible. As an investor, you get paid before we do and as such we don’t operate a provision or contingency fund. 

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