The default setting on your account automatically reinvests your interest into new loans to maximise your earnings. You can change your auto-reinvest settings any time by signing in to your account and going to My Account > Manage Income.

There will typically be periods during which your money will be held in cash before we are able to fully allocate your funds to loans on the platform. This is known as "Cash Drag" and can happen in the time between when you initially invest and we place your funds in active loans. Cash Drag can also occur during the time between a loan being repaid and reinvesting the proceeds. We always aim to minimise Cash Drag. Your interest is calculated daily as soon as your monies are invested.

Actual rates of return may be adversely affected if there are any Defaults on loans. Since launch, all of our investors have received all of the interest to which they were entitled.

Any changes to the current Target Rates will always be notified to you and advertised on our website.

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